In this section you will find all the necessary information to open a Las Medialunas del Abuelo franchise.


We have a franchise for selling croissants and pastries, as well as a franchise for cafeterias. We offer all the facilities for the selling of our products in small or large retail spaces suitable for a bar and a dining area. As part of the franchise, you will acquire all the necessary elements to make your business grow.


We have more than 20 different products that fit any moment of the day. Croissants, pastries and breads for breakfast, turnovers, pies and salads for lunch and dinner.

There is even an option of selling seasonal products like sweet bread (‘Pan dulce’) and ring-shaped cakes (‘Roscas’).

We have more than 130 franchise spaces in Argentina.

Be part of the Las Medialunas del Abuelo family.

Franchise support

From the moment you acquire a Las Medialunas del Abuelo franchise, you will obtain professional advisory on each product, its commercialization and promotions, among others, together with the Communications, Design & Architecture department, in order to encompass what your business needs for a continuous improvement.

Las Medialunas del Abuelo is in an actual branding reassessment, with a major change in the graphic and architectural identity for all its franchises.